Landing Pages

A Landing Page is a web page that offers something of value in exchange for contact information

The landing page is an important facet of an online marketing strategy. When you start a marketing campaign with emails, blog posts, social media etc, the campaign will offer participants an item of value, such as an ebook or white paper, in exchange for their contact information. In order for the potential prospect to redeem the item, they must click the link in the email or blog post to be redirected to a landing page to redeem the item.

At this point, you have the visitors interest; the visitor has clicked the call-to-action, and now you must present the information in a way that funnels the visitor toward completing the landing page form, such as "Download Free E-book."

The proven best practice is to redirect this traffic to a specially designed landing page. The landing page or lead capture page has one goal, which is to funnel the visitor toward completing the landing page form. Landing pages achieve this goal by reducing the amount of links, distractions, and anything else that deviates from the goal of conversion. While the design of a landing page is important, it must have a capture form and a valuable offer. Here is an example of a landing page.

The Form

The lead capture form on your landing page is where the visitor inputs the requested information. As the initiating step in the conversion process, the form creates a conversion event, which is where you offer the visitor something of value that requires the visitor to input certain information. The information can be as simple as an email address but can be as complex as multiple fields. In either instance, the form on your landing page is there to capture information so you can effectively move the customer through the process of inbound marketing.

The length of your form and amount of personal information that is requested is directly related to the performance of your landing page. The best practice is to only ask for the information that you need. If you ask for too much information, you will cause the visitor to leave the page without entering the conversion process.

The Offer

The promotional offer is the reason the visitor clicked the link, and it must be an item of relevant value. While there are several different offers that are used to convert visitors into leads, some of the most common are listed below.

  • Whitepapers or Ebooks
  • Discount voucher or coupon
  • Registration for webinar
  • Free trial
  • Entry into contest
  • A direct mail physical gift

Tips for Effective Landing Pages

  • Deliver value to the visitor by offering a compelling product with demonstrated value.
  • Hide the distracting navigation elements. Visitors to your landing page should be focused on filling out the form and the offer.
  • Keep it short simple. Both your landing page and form should have as little friction as possible, which will increase your conversion rate.
  • Targeted landing pages are ideal because they are specific to each campaign.