Analytics and Reporting


We provide you with actionable information across your marketing channels showing which are moving prospects through your sales funnel and which are generating the most customers, so you can focus your efforts in the right places. We monitor and analyze every aspect of your inbound marketing program, identifying opportunities to fine-tune and provide quantifiable metrics on the performance and ROI of each campaign.


In addition to website analytics such as page views, time on site and bounce rates, we provide information on how your keywords are ranking, how you are doing against your competitors, how many views, conversions and sales you are generating from your CTA's and landing pages, and much more.

Some of the questions we answer for your are:

  • How your leads first found you
  • The touch points that led to conversions
  • The tactics that generate the most sales
  • The actions that generate the highest quality leads
  • How social media is driving leads for you
  • How much of your traffic is organic and how much is paid for
  • Which channels generate quality leads rather than casual browsers
  • What your leads did just before before converting
  • Which are your most influential pages
  • How long leads took to make a purchase decision


Inbound Services

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