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It is widely accepted that a significant proportion of first time website visitors are not ready to buy. In fact, according to research from Hubspot, only 25% of leads are legitimate and should ever go to sales. So a process that pre-qualifies leads will likely improve your lead to customer ratio. And you can spend all the time in the world building a website with compelling content but if you don’t know who is finding it, returning to it, and what they are reading and downloading, you’re only doing half the job.


Lead intelligence provides insight on visitors, their social media profiles, page views, number of visits, and forms filled out, etc. This information generates a lead score so you know who is engaging and which content is leading to conversions, making it possible to fine-tune the process and send more effective messages to visitors at different stages of the buying cycle.


Lead nurturing campaigns are delivered through a sequence of automated emails tailored around interest shown by content generated leads. By delivering informative and educational content like white papers and eBooks related to their original interest, you build interest, trust, and authority.


Campaigns are designed to draw prospects through a buying cycle. Engaging content is replaced with nurtured content such as offers more related to ‘evaluation’ and the solutions you provide, like product webinars, case studies and video demonstrations. Progressive profiling can then be used when a prospect re-converts, requesting new information in place of the data already harvested on the previous visit, providing more insight on your prospect each time they convert on an offer.

Successful lead nurturing campaigns focus on your prospects' needs and emphasize the solutions you provide. Ultimately they deliver action orientated qualifying content offers like free trials, consultations, live demonstrations and estimates that are more likely to be acted upon as a prospect has been educated about the problem and understands how your company can provide the solution.



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