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Inbound marketing requires that you design content around the needs and interests of your key personas. This is where content marketing meets marketing automation and the lead nurturing process begins. The more relevant and compelling your offers the more conversions, shares and repeat visits you will get.

The objective is to create content for each stage of the sales funnel in order to deliver marketing qualified leads to your sales team. During the process you build trust and authority placing your company in pole position.

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Calls to Action and Landing Pages

nurture leads

In order to draw potential client in you need to create calls to actions (CTAs) and landing pages. Relevant CTAs should be placed strategically throughout your website. They can be designed elements or buttons, alerting visitors to the offer, and ideally, they should be benefit led.

CTAs can also be placed beyond your website in email campaigns, PPC campaigns, at the end of blog posts, on ad banners or even in more traditional media through the use of QR codes for example.

A landing page is a single proposition webpage linked to from a CTA. An effective landing page will convert the click through by building on the promise. Effective landing pages strip out navigation, illustrate the offer, provide benefit led copy and a form which, when completed delivers up the content or offer.

The writing and design of CTAs and landing pages is crucial to ensuring your visitors engage and turn into leads. 41interactive can help your business create the most effective and impactful CTAs and landing pages.



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