Writing eNewsletters should be a key component to any marketing strategy, particularly for B2B. They are an effective tool for establishing your brand through informative articles and thought leadership. You can use them to address specific issues that impact your customers, display your expertise in a particular area, generate new leads and create a useful forum for customer feedback

Before committing to an eNewsletter however you need to be sure you have the resources to produce quality content on a regular basis. If you don't have the resources 41interactive can help using our content
generation services or through engaging our network of high quality writers. Either way, it's important to remember a few key points:


  • Make sure your eNewsletter fits into the rest of your marketing strategy, reflecting the tone and key messages of your business. Content from the eNewsletter can be referred to in many other areas, including blogs and social networking sites.
  • Say something that is worth saying. Your customers' time is precious and they won't waste it on anything that isn't adding value to their lives.
  • Design matters. If it's difficult to read, your customers won't read it. Pictures, charts and white space all help to draw the eye down a page.
  • Both the message and the format need vigorous testing. You can try out different subject lines, for example, or see which calls to action works best. And it is crucial to test the email on numerous email clients and operating systems, and on mobile, so you can be sure the message is getting through.


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