articlesSometimes, you are so close to your business that you don’t realize how interesting or newsworthy it is.

  • Do you make something complicated that customers need help to understand?
  • Do you have a view of the marketplace that allows you to quickly grasp new trends?
  • Does your business have a background that is particularly interesting?

Ideas like these can be turned into articles that, in the right publication, can subtly promote your products or services and gain widespread exposure for your business.

But good ideas are only the beginning. In an age when marketing success depends less on ‘selling’ and more on informing and entertaining your audience, the key to getting your articles seen and shared is excellent writing.

Article writing is a bit of an art. Each type of publication you choose to target will have its own particular style of writing. Think about blogs you read. The writing in them - the tone of voice, the amount of detail, the length - are completely different than that in a newspaper, which is again very different from a trade magazine.

The best way to ensure you get it right is to find a good writer who understands your business and sector, and knows how to write for different publications.

41interactive has a network of writers with a wide variety of business sector experience. All of them are regularly published in different types of media and are used to performing at the highest level. We can advise you on experience, technique and personal chemistry in order to maximize your relationship with your writer.

To be effective, inbound marketing requires a lot of writing. A good way to manage the demand and increase your return is to re-package your articles and use them in other ways, for example as part of an eBook. The most important thing is to commission the best content you can and then make sure it is seen in as many places as possible.


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