Qualified leads

Content attracts visitors to your site and pulls them into your sales funnel. Nurturing content helps bring them to a buying decision by showing how your product or service solves their problem. Next is the turn of qualifying content which gives a concrete offer of proof about your business. Buyers at this stage have done their research, have narrowed the list down and now just need reassurance that you are the best choice.


Demonstrations work on a number of levels. They allow potential customers to see your product in action, giving them an understanding of how it might work for them. Done well, they can give reassurance about your company’s expertise. They are also an opportunity to demonstrate your commitment to customer service and post-sales support.

Free consultations and assessments allow you to make an impact by exhibiting your knowledge about the industry and your ability to come up with tangible and specific solutions for a potential buyer. Offering an analysis of their business without any commitment on their part shows you are confident of your abilities and allows you to demonstrate the value you can add to their organisation.


Free trials are a great way to help potential customers make their decision. Giving them an opportunity to use your product free of charge can give them the confidence they need to commit. Allowing them to experience how it works in their specific situation, and understand the value it adds to their business, makes them much more likely to purchase.

A value-add promotion appropriate to your product or service can help close the deal with a prospect who is close to a decision. This might include an additional benefit, service enhancement or extra product ellement that was only offered at this stage.