Nurtured leads

Content leads off pull a website visitor into your sales funnel where content informs and educates them improving their lives and building trust and authority with your brand. But with Nurtured content you are drawing leads towards a buying decision. This content doesn’t just solve a buyer's problems; it shows them how your product or service solves their problem.


lead nurture

Case studies emphasise how other customers use your product or service to accomplish their goals. Third party recommendations carry weight and build trust and the benefits of your product or service will resonate well in story format. Case studies, whether in written or video format, work to further align a potential customer with the benefits of your product or service and draw them through the funnel.

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Webinars can be used to educate and inform a wide geographic audience in a more product specific nature than TOFU content. Webinars are live and interactive and intrinsically engaging and can create a sense of event around your ideas, value and information. Webinars can be repurposed for on-demand access and with their dual value as both live and on-demand events, webinars are valuable nurturing assets that will help further qualify leads in your funnel.


Convincing leads that your product or service is the best solution and demonstrating how they can use it successfully is key to moving a buyer through the funnel. A good company brochure describes your product or service in context and lets prospects know what they can expect when buying from you. A request or download of your brochure is a sure sign of engagement and a willingness to spend time considering your proposition.

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