When do you follow up?

Do you track how long it takes for your sales teams to follow up on a lead? According to an article in Forbes a few years ago, studies show that on average it takes a company 46 hours and 53 minutes to pick up the phone and call a lead. In addition this same study concluded that sales gave up on the lead after only 1.3 call attempts. How do you fix this? 

Start at the beginning

Review your organizations lead nurturing workflow looking for any delays that would result in that lead not getting to sales in a timely manner. What's a timely manner? Set the bar high say less than 5 minutes from time of conversion to an email delivered to the sales inbox. Each organization is difference you may have some email processing time if your dealing with territory assignment, etc. but that should only add a few seconds to the overall time. 

Moving at the speed of small business

Anyone that has worked in large and small companies will immediately point to the differences in the pace of the business. Large companies move methodically like a large ship, once it gets moving it can take a long time to turn or stop. Small companies move quickly so they can change course immediately to capitalize on any opportunities.   This basic through needs to be in mind when creating marketing automations that scales to the speed of small business.

Marketing automation is the process by which an organization transforms leads from the top of its sales funnel into sales ready leads at the bottom of the funnel. To accomplish this transformation works flows are created by which leads are nurtured through various emails or social channels to lead them from just being interested in your company to being ready to buy. 


Using Conversion Rates to Measure and Improve Your Website's Effectiveness

Getting a lot of traffic to your website is important and should be part of your websites goal of generating business, but traffic volume fails to measure how well your site does its job of turning strangers into customers. To measure this we look at conversion rates. If you were to view your site as an actual store, your site traffic would be the measure of how many people walked through the door and the conversion rate would show how effective your sales team, display cases, signage etc are at turning those visitors into customers. Looking to increase sales?, get more traffic and/or improve your conversion rate.