It's official

Google has announces that starting June of 2015 Adwords will require verification of ownership for all call extension and location extension phone numbers. Call extensions and location extensions that do not meet this policy will be disapproved. Those of you that currently take advantage of these great extensions within Adwords please be aware that in order to comply with this new policy you'll need to provide proof that the phone numbers associated with your ads are also associated with the business promoted in your ads. For most, this shouldn't require any changes to your site or ad's since the primary mechanism for verification is just to scan your website and match up the phone numbers. However if your phone number on your website happens to be part of an image then it will not be recognized and your extensions will be disapproved. Click here to check out the full details regarding this policy change. 

If your not taking advantage of call and location extension or sitelinks within Google Adwords your business is missing out on a great way to attract visitors and best of all it's really easy to get started. If you have any questions please let us know and we'd be happy to help