Anyone that has worked in large and small companies will immediately point to the differences in the pace of the business. Large companies move methodically like a large ship, once it gets moving it can take a long time to turn or stop. Small companies move quickly so they can change course immediately to capitalize on any opportunities.   This basic through needs to be in mind when creating marketing automations that scales to the speed of small business.

Marketing automation is the process by which an organization transforms leads from the top of its sales funnel into sales ready leads at the bottom of the funnel. To accomplish this transformation works flows are created by which leads are nurtured through various emails or social channels to lead them from just being interested in your company to being ready to buy. 


In a large organization these workflows can get very complex with logistical issues (territories, channel partners, etc.) and a reluctance from sales to engage unless the lead fully qualified. All of this complexity equals time. And we know that is something that the small business just doesn’t have.

How can a small business take advantage of lead nurturing?

Speed up the process; lead nurturing does not have to be a slow process. It can be optimized to run at the speed of small business. Here are three basic steps you can take to speed up your lead nurturing.

  • Streamline the workflows – make sure every step in the nurturing process is absolutely necessary, if it isn’t then eliminating it.   
  • Add the human factor – don’t focus on 100% automation, often the process can be more efficient by only automation 80% and letting the sale or marketing teams add the final touches.
  • Templates – Create email templates that allow sales and marketing teams to quickly create personalized responses is a great example of adding the human factor
  • When in doubt pick up the phone – Time is of the essence, there’s no excuse for letting leads slip through the cracks. If you’re missing information or you’re not sure what the lead wants don’t be constrained by the system just call them.

How fast is too fast?

That depends on the type of content the lead converts on. You should have different workflows depending on the type of content the lead converts on. Content leads from white papers, case studies, ebooks, etc should have a different workflow than that of qualified leads from free trials, consultations, demonstrations, etc.  When creating workflows think of the buyer first when would they like to be contacted?